Sunday, 13 October 2019

Education: new report shows more efforts are needed to increase teachers' pay

Today is World Animal Day!

Romania: 5,000 businesses to receive financial support thanks to Cohesion Policy programme

The story of Marko - making an impact where he can!

Help in the Forest!

Better for consumers, better for environment

Good news for Croatian start-ups with environmental and social impact

Your Alps! Your Future! Your Idea!

Tes Alpes! Ton avenir! Tes idées!

The story of Izzy - If you can't stand up, stand out!

Poland: EU-funded road improves safety and EU-wide connectivity, for a deeper single market

Upgrading inefficient district heating systems

New EU rules make household appliances more sustainable

How much does the EU cost me?

Criminal Justice in the Digital Age

European Cybersecurity Month starts today!

It's Cybersecurity Month!

Affordable and energy-efficient housing in Sweden

How is CEF Telecom connecting Europe?

À la découverte de l’UE avec « Legends of Europe», un jeu en ligne pour les 15-29 ans

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Discovering the EU with "Legends of Europe", an online game for players aged 15-29

Placing culture at the heart of tourism on the Italian-Croatian border

Galileo celebrates 1 billion smartphone users

Central Asia: Empowering media, activists and teachers to counter radicalisation online

Working together to heal hearts!

The story of Andrs - Get up and go create! #EUandME

CORDIS photo competition closes soon

Preserving our cultural heritage

EU and Asia - Building bridges

Monday, 7 October 2019

EU invests in sustainable transport infrastructure

Do you have an idea for a better Europe?

Concrétiser la vision d’une ville grâce aux instruments financiers

Commission experts support the development of 13 Bulgarian research and innovation centres

Eurojust helps unravel massive trans-European pay-TV fraud

Déclaration de Jean-Claude Juncker à l'occasion du décès du président Jacques Chirac

Missed Operation Shark Bait? You can still catch it here

Friday, 4 October 2019

The EU and the Sustainable Development Goals

The European Capital of Innovation 2019

The first European Chief Prosecutor

‘Rocket 69’: the best educational TV programme in Europe!

New composting facility in pipeline for Harmanli, Bulgaria