Saturday, 29 June 2019

EU-funded project could form foundation of Notre Dame reconstruction efforts

For classic film fans out there!

Want to go green while on vacation?

A boost for cyber-security in the EU

Protecting Europeans & our environment from harmful chemicals

Assisting people in need in the Horn of Africa

Friday, 28 June 2019

Where do EU citizens go on their holidays?

Improving the welfare of animals

Helping small companies reach global markets

Getting the big picture on microorganisms, with a little help from the EU

New, stronger EU-wide rules on cyber security

European universities of the future

EU Protects: How the EU helps us fly safely

In Support of Victims of Torture

A million (or even more) Erasmus babies?

Eurojust fights drug trafficking

EU Budget benefits European citizens

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Galileo is your best trip partner

Happy National Day, Luxembourg!

Which city won the European Green Capital award?

From the European Council

Standard chargers across the EU? Have your say!

Summer is here!

Would you like to have a camping holiday this summer?

European music

How serious is the threat of disinformation on our democracy?

Saturday, 22 June 2019

Find information on the political leadership of the European Commission

A new mileston


How much does it cost to do your groceries in your country?

South Sudan will receive €48.5 million in additional EU humanitarian aid

Building the euro

Welcome, new EU Emergency Travel Document!

Meet the winners of the EU's development journalism award!

No more impunity, silence or stigma

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Health care for everyone

On the way to a climate-neutral Europe by 2050

European Development Days

123 trade barriers have been eliminated since 2014

The innovation performance of the EU is increasing

Saturday, 15 June 2019

It's already been two years!

10 things you didn’t know about Erasmus!

Thumbs up for Italy's €5.4 billion renewable energy production support

EU strengthens rules on home-made explosives and fight against terrorist financing

Smarter enforcement of resting times for EU truck and bus drivers

How serious is the threat of disinformation on our democracy?

EU reports on progress in fighting disinformation

We can be heroes

How can we recognise disinformation?

34 years of the Signature of the Schengen Agreement

Ticket fraud case solved with the support of Eurojust

EU Budget: Commission calls on leaders to set out a roadmap towards an autumn agreement

Thursday, 13 June 2019

How has the EU's Economic and Monetary Union progressed since 2015?

European Research and Innovation Days

Brexit: European Commission takes stock of preparations

Comment l'Union économique et monétaire de l'UE a-t-elle progressé depuis 2015?

Every kid deserves a childhood

How serious is the threat of disinformation on democracy?

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, and Denmark are the digital leaders of Europe

What do the people who spread disinformation want to achieve by it?

The EU's vital work in the Sahel continues

Everyone in Europe has the right to justice and a fair trial

Victims of sexual abuse saved through Eurojust’s intervention

Do you use Galileo?

Bringing the past, present and future together

World Oceans

Everyone just loves the euro!

Eight sites will host the first European supercomputers

40th anniversary of the first European elections by direct universal suffrage

The European Commission aims to assure a high level of food safety

Do you know about EU food safety rules?

Food safety

EU adopts rules for more secure ID cards

Higher Education

Goals of the EU

20,000 more young people get the chance to discover EU!

Over 85% of European bathing sites rated as excellent for water quality

This one for data visualisation experts!

Eurojust brings down criminal group selling contaminated fish

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

European Semester 2019: for a stronger economic growth

Commission tables 2020 EU budget

170 years ago

There is no Planet B!

The Charter of Fundamental Rights

Thursday, 6 June 2019

An airbag helmet for cyclists

Helping Mozambique to recover from the last cyclones

Art has no borders!

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Throwback: This was the inauguration ceremony of the European flag

The European flag: united in diversity

EU enlargement: next steps and recommendations

Next steps after the EU Elections

A Europe that protects

Saturday, 1 June 2019

New €100 million fund to support clean energy investments

The EU is a democratic society that protects human rights and freedoms

Erasmus+ shaping our world

Remember, when Breda won the EU's most accessible city award

Making the EU a greener place

The environmental objectives of the future CAP

EASME is recruiting energy experts

Science in Europe: by the numbers

The EU focuses its humanitarian aid on the specialised needs of this particularly vulnerable group