Thursday, 28 December 2017

In order to reduce economic and social disparities

How Europeans have been celebrating and enjoying winter life throughout ages

Strategic Report on the implementation of the ESI Funds

Know your consumer rights

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Boosting Research and Innovation with the support of ESI Funds

Reducción del caos provocado por los aludes en los Pirineos

EU-supported innovative ICT tools to promote personalised medicin

Sunday, 24 December 2017

A project in Bergerac, France, aiming at improving digital services in rural areas

A project in Denmark aiming at supporting SMES's competitiveness

Connecting Europe with Building Blocks

Saturday, 23 December 2017

The The - Slow Emotion Replay

Prefab Sprout - Desire As

Pet Shop Boys - Being Boring

Empowering victims of gender-based violence

Friday, 22 December 2017

Optimism on the Future of Europe has risen

River management and flood protection

An artificial leaf that can harvest energy from the sun faster than a natural one

European Year of Cultural Heritage – Instagram Competition

URBIS unterstützt Städte bei der Investitionsplanung

Un nuevo servicio de asesoramiento para ayudar a las ciudades a planificar las inversiones

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Low carbon life in Finland

EU Commission wants all workers to benefit from new minimum standards

Time to exercise your EU Consumer Rights

Taxation of the digital economy in the EU

European year of Cultural Heritage

Europe for Citizens programme 2014-20

European Commission acts to defend judicial independence

Article 7(1) of the Treaty on European Union for the first time in history

Europe's capital markets

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Current situation of the European economy

Europe's online encyclopaedia

Are you considering working in another EU country?

Safe products are an EU priority

EU Solidarity at work

Monday, 18 December 2017

The European Commission helps Member States and regions to improve their capacity to invest EU funds for better results

Say NO! Stop violence against women

Strengthened EU rules to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing

Netherlands' tax treatment of IKEA

How does the Baltic electricity synchronisation project work?

Thomas Dybdahl - This Love Is Here To Stay

R.E.M. - Electron Blue

Michael Stipe - Old Man

Robert Forster - Let Me Imagine You

Saturday, 16 December 2017

The Commission is calling on regions undergoing a period of transition to express their interest in receiving tailor-made support from Europe

Mons développe le tourisme

Internet access providers cannot pick winners or losers on the internet

Jean Claude Juncker's vision published by Malta Independent

Call for innovative projects: up to €100 million of EU funds made available to cities

EU took a giant leap towards the real Defence Union

Winter "REGIO Panorama" issue visits the EU's Outermost Regions

Friday, 15 December 2017

Horizon Prize


22 Galileo satellites

In 2018, EU cohesion policy will turn 30!


Infographic: Pesticides in the EU

Thursday, 14 December 2017

A more united, stronger and more democratic European Union

Highest employment level ever recorded in the euro area and the EU

ESI Funds: by the end of 2016, an estimated 154,000 new jobs

European Structural and Investment Funds' budget for 2014-2020

Security Union

One Planet Summit

The EU decision-making process more transparent and accessible to everyone

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

We only have one planet, one chance and no plan B

One Planet Summit

Estonia, the Digital Republic

EU cohesion policy: impact on the regions

Integrity Pacts

How the CAP supports farmers facing natural constraints

Monday, 11 December 2017

Congratulations to Swedish EU Media programme supported film "The Square"

European Defence Union

The Paris Agreement at the One Planet Summit

This transformation is both indispensable and within reach

Peace, reconciliation, democracy and human rights

Attend a world class Project Management conference in the heart of Europe

Jerusalem, a capital for two States

Fighting climate change

The EU Customs Union protects our environment

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Belle And Sebastian - Winter Wooskie

The National - Mistaken For Strangers

Beirut - No No No

Band Of Holy Joy - To Leave Or Remain

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Dig Up

What does the EU Customs Union mean for you and your business?

European Solidarity Corps celebrates its first year!

Friday, 8 December 2017

Le projet SAPYRA

EU Customs Union

Do you want to regularly see pictures of EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker institutional meetings?

Happy 1st birthday European Solidarity Corps!


EU High Representative Federica Mogherini

The European Year of Cultural Heritage

You buy a new bicycle from another EU country, you can have it delivered at your home without paying any customs duties

URBIS: instrument qui aidera les villes à concevoir, à planifier et à mettre en œuvre leurs stratégies d'investissement et leurs projets

URBIS: it will help cities plan investments to support their own urban development strategies and get easier access to finance

Energy projects

EU funding

Brexit: European Commission recommends sufficient progress to the European Council (Article 50)

Brexit: first phase of Article 50 negotiations


EU citizens' rights: right to live, work and study and family reunification

EU - Japan

Elbow - The Take Off and Landing of Everything

Thomas Dybdahl - Man On A Wire

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

EU publishes list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions

Euro: a currency of 340 million people in 19 countries

EU customs

Fixing the roof of the European Economic and Monetary Union

Eurobarometer on the euro area

Alvvays - In Undertow

Noah and The Whale - Shape Of My Heart

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

European Day of Persons with Disabilities

Félicitations à Lyon

EU steps up its support to education for all with €100 million

Where do our toys come from?

An innovative & cost effective high-tech solution to make humanitarian aid more effective

Saturday Looks Good To Me - Until The World Stops Spinning

An algorithm based solely on reinforcement learning

Avec un coup de pouce de l'UE, Mariama a pris un nouveau départ au site Belle-Vue à Molenbeek.

Eurogroup new President: Mário Centeno, Minister of Finance of Portugal

The 2016 EU Industrial and Investment Scoreboard

Nada Surf - Love Goes On (live)

Monday, 4 December 2017

Europchess is the chess club of the EU institutions. How did it perform in the 1st ever European Corporate Chess Championship? Read their story!
EU, China and India have launched a strong partnership to beat pollution in water! Follow the UN Environment Assembly from Nairobi on 4-6 December to learn more about what EU is doing internationally.
What was #EUdatathon2017 all about? Who won? What use are hackathons? Can business get something from them too? What is the EU Open Data Portal and how can it help? See our clip, discover the finalists and their applications and start thinking about the data you could use for next year's EU datathon!

Africa’s development is not only as a humanitarian issue but a shared interest of our continents

Friday, 1 December 2017

A more resilient Europe united around common European values

The Future of Common Agricultural Policy

There are ways to make the EU Common Agricultural Policy more flexible, fair and sustainable. Read below European Commission's position on the future of food and farming.

Urban Innovative Actions

European Research Council's Consolidator Grants 2017 went to researchers in 22 countries across Europe. Top 3 locations: UK 60 grants, Germany 56, France 38.

Are you happy living in the EU? 78% of Europeans say YES!

Are you happy living in the EU? 78% of Europeans say YES! In all EU countries, more than 50% of Europeans are happy to live in the European Union. Source: Eurobarometer, November 2017.

What will EU-UK relations be like after Brexit?

The European Parliament has commissioned from experts dozens of impact assessments or studies on Brexit in 14 broad fields. They are all free & available here.

Baltic Ecological Recycling Agriculture and Society

A true success story of EU funding: 'BERAS' (Baltic Ecological Recycling Agriculture and Society) project 'BERAS' developed techniques in transforming food systems that were picked up by the United Nations and have now worldwide effects!

Canada lifts visa requirements for Bulgarian and Romanian citizens

From 1 December all Romanian and Bulgarian citizens are able to enjoy visa-free travel to Canada. European Commission's diplomatic efforts and patient work with Canadian partners bear fruits.

Jean-Claude Juncker: Migrants 'need legal ways to come to Europe'

Sharing and Reuse action of the European Commission

The new EU Horizon Prize for Social Innovation

Consumers will benefit from safer and more innovative electronic payments

A new Cycle: The European Union supporting Trade

Clean energy transition

Becoming an entrepreneur

The state of health in each EU country

The European Commission joined forces with the OECD and the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies and analysed the state of health in each EU country. Click to read the report's key findings.

"rescEU", a reserve of civil protection capabilities

European Semester 2018: The Autumn Package Explained

What is the European Semester? What does today's package include?
6.5 million people suffer from diseases linked to air pollution in Europe every year Choose clean energy at home & clean transport on the go | Watch the video and learn more about air quality in Europe:
President Jean-Claude Juncker was interviewed by El Pais.

EU Cities for Fair and Ethical Trade


"Saisir sa chance avec l'Europe". Vous-même ou vos enfants se posent des questions sur leur parcours scolaire et professionnel local ou dans un contexte européen ? Inscrivez les pour participer au dialogue citoyen avec Marc Lemaitre Directeur général de la politique région et urbaine à la Commission européenne et Louis Aloccio, Président de l’E2C à Marseille le 28/11 !
Check out the new European Commission's playlist of EU funded research & innovation projects that have a real impact on our daily lives.
Komisja Europejska wpisała kiełbasę piaszczańską do rejestru chronionych przez UE oznaczeń geograficznych żywności. Nazwa specjału pochodzi od Piasków Wielkich, starożytnej wsi na terenie Krakowa. Legenda datuje początki jej produkcji na czasy Kazimierza Wielkiego. Przez wieki była dostarczana na dwór królewski na Wawelu. Produkowana jest głównie z grubo siekanych szynek oraz schabu wieprzowego, peklowanych w wywarze z ziół, w tym jałowca, a następnie wędzona w dymie ze spalania drewna z buków, olch i dębów.
The relocation of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) from London to Amsterdam is a direct consequence and first visible result of Brexit.
EU negotiators agreed to end unjustified geoblocking, one of the EU priority files for 2017. Europeans will be able to shop online without being blocked or re-routed. What does it exactly mean? Click to read the examples!
Angesichts des "Sklavenhandels" mit Migranten in Libyen dürfe die EU nicht schweigen, sagt EU-Kommissions-Chef Jean-Claude Juncker im Deutsche Welle-Interview und plädiert erneut für mehr legale Immigration in die EU.
Cliquez pour suivre le sommet entre Union Africaine et Union Européenne en direct depuis Abidjan.
Un meilleur accès à l'eau potable et un meilleur réseau de transport en Roumanie grâce aux fonds européens
Всяка мечта има нужда от малко подкрепа - европейските инвестиции я предоставят тук и сега.
Die EU investiert in die Zukunft junger Menschen in Wörgl! Die LEA - Leben Entfalten Anregen unterstützt Jugendliche im Alter zwischen 15 und 19 Jahren auf dem Sprung in die Erstausbildung und den Arbeitsmarkt.
New European Commission public consultation following the proclamation of the European Pillar of Social Rights: How can we make sure that all workers are covered by social protection? Have your say.
Annuncio della Commissaria Corina Creţu: La Commissione europea stanzierà 28 milioni di euro per il rilancio dell’economia in Umbria. 5 milioni saranno destinati alla ricostruzione della basilica di San Benedetto a Norcia.

European Commission’s solidarity with Italy: Corina Creţu announces €28 million towards regenerating economic activity in Umbria region affected by severe earthquakes.
“We have so much evidence that it is good for business to have diversity, to have women and men on boards”, said  Commissioner Vera Jourová in an interview to The Guardian.
En förvandling av Norra Mellansverige med hjälp av innovation och regional fonden.
#EU4LGBTI: We stand with Tovaldas, his family and all transgender people on the Transgender Day  of Remembrance.
More than 1000 events will take place on how to improve abilities through vocational education and training. Discover your talent at an event near you and see  where EU Vocational Skills can take you.
Gender Pay Gap: According to the latest Eurobarometer survey, 90% of Europeans say that it is not acceptable for women to be paid less than men.

Commission carries out initial assessment of EU Urban Agenda one year on

What will farming look like in the future? EU funding digital research and innovation for agriculture to tackle societal challenges.
Il Presidente Juncker: "È un momento storico per l'Europa. La nostra Unione è sempre stata fondamentalmente un progetto sociale. Va al di là del mercato unico, dell'economia e dell'euro e riguarda i nostri valori e il nostro modo di vivere."
Präsident Juncker: „Dies ist ein entscheidender Moment für Europa. Unsere Union ist im Grunde schon immer ein soziales Projekt gewesen. Sie ist mehr als nur ein Binnenmarkt, es geht um mehr als Geld, um mehr als den Euro. Es geht um unsere Werte und um die Art, wie wir leben wollen."

Il s'agit de nos valeurs et de la façon dont nous voulons vivre

Watching what we eat... from space

Females in the field

Young Farmers

LIFE programme

Future of CAP: Robots in the field?

Life for disabled people going abroad is too often complicated!

The Future of EU Finances: new Cohesion report fuels the discussion on EU funds after 2020